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  1. Y Clwb / The Club.
  2. Aelodaeth / Membership.
  3. Cymdeithasu / Social events.
  4. Dillad rhedeg / Club Kit.
  5. Pwyllgor / Committee.
  6. Cyfansoddiad y Clwb / Club Constitution.
  7. Cylchlythyr y Clwb / Club Newsletter.

Y Clwb / The Club.

"Tra môr, tra Meirion." this translates as "While the sea lasts, so shall Meirionnydd".

MRC training night 2011

Amcan y clwb / Club objective.

The concept for the club was first conceived in Lanzarote in 2005 and established in Dolgellau in 2006.

The objective is to arrange races and promote amateur athletics open to members from the age of 11 years and upwards. The Club is affiliated for Road, Fell and Cross Country. In furtherance of its objectives the club may hold championships, enter leagues and team competitions, arrange social runs, training sessions, talks, demonstrations and social events. It may publish standards, print newsletters, arrange travel and do any other things which may be incidental to, or conducive to, the encouragement of jogging and running.

We are a small club based in the South of Snowdonia National Park, Wales, and dedicated to organising races throughout Meirionnydd. We cater for all abilities of runners, joggers and even social members.

From total beginners upwards, The club offers a range of opportunities for social events, training nights and trips away to far flung places, from Tywyn to Tallinn, Penmaenpool to Prague the possibilities are endless.

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Aelodaeth / Membership.


The Club is affiliated to Welsh Athletics for competitions on the Road, Fell and Cross Country. The Club offers a wide range of membership options. Members wishing to compete in races in club colours must take out First Claim membership, which includes the cost of "Welsh Athletics Affiliation" but we also offer a social membership for those new to running or those wishing to enjoy the "Social" side of things - something the Club specialises in.

Click here to download the club membership form or to chat about any questions you may have, please contact the membership secretary.

Benefits include:

Additional benefits of First Claim membership:

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Cymdeithasu / Social events.

club social pic

A number of social events are organised each year.

After each wednesday evening training run there will be a gathering in a local pub, this will be identified on the list of training runs and on the news page of this website. In the evening after each club-organised race there will also be a social get-together, watch the website news for details. One annual event is the Fairbourne Beach barbecue, again watch the news page for details.

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Dillad rhedeg / Club Kit.

club kit pic

Club vests/running tops can be ordered through Juliet Edwards Click to E-mail. The vests are currently £15.20.

Club Hoodie. are available from Alison jones Catalogue page here, colour is French Navy.
Ask for Meirionnydd Logo on Front and words "Clwb Rhedeg Meirionnydd Running club" in Yellow on the back.
Tel: 01970 625288. E-mail: here..

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Pwyllgor / Committee

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(For current list of committee members visit Contacts here)

CHAIR: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Chair.

The Chair of the Club is the Officer elected for a fixed term by the Club to officiate at it’s meetings for a period of time as defined by the Constitution.
The Chair requires a knowledge of the subjects under discussion, clarity of mind, patience and tact in dealing with other people and an ability to command respect and enforce discipline.

The Chair must ensure that the meeting makes the decisions required by the business in hand in a proper manner but they also function as the leader of the team.

Conduct of Committee Meetings.

  1. The Club Secretary will confer with the Chair as to the business to be discussed, so that a proper agenda may be drawn up.

  2. The Chair must ensure that a quorum is present before commencing business. (The constitution of the club should empower the Officers of the Club to act between committee meetings on such matters as cannot be left until the committees next siting)

  3. The Chair will present the minutes (prepared by the Secretary) before other business is proceeded with)

  4. The Chair will ensure that the business of the meeting is conducted in accordance with the agenda.

  5. The Chair will do their utmost to ensure that items of business are thoroughly discussed. The Chair should give neutral guidance to the meeting.

  6. The Chair is often a voting member of the committee but most Chairs will not exercise this power unless they felt strongly that they should give a “lead” on a matter of policy. In the event of a tied vote the Chair has a casting vote which they may use to break the tie.

Public Relations:
The Chair will ensure the Committee functions as a working team. They will welcome new members to the Committee and introduce visiting guests and speakers. In lieu of a Club President the Chair will officiate on major public occasions and events.

Representation on outside bodies
Quite often the Chair is the correct person to undertake representation of the Club on outside bodies. If specialist knowledge is required then another committee member may be more appropriate.

Race Duties.

  1. Race Director.
    Ensuring that all tasks are carried out by the Committee to ensure each race happens as planned.

  2. Review risk assessments
    Insure fell races by becoming WFRA member (claim money from Club) and entering the race adverts in the WFRA and FRA calendars Act as MC on race days, undertaking runners briefing and race presentations. Co-ordinate emergency services if required during races.
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VICE CHAIR: Click to E-mail.

Role of Vice Chair.

Acts as stand in for Club Chairman with all duties.

Race Duties.
Can shadow and assist Chairman to gain experience of race planning? See also suggestion of role as “Race Controller” below.

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SECRETARY: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Club General Secretary.

The Secretary is the Executive Officer of the Club. The effective functioning of the Club therefore depends on their work and ability to work with others. The general aim should be to treat the Committee as a team with everybody having an important role to play (which should help alleviate the over work of the Secretary!).

  1. Deal promptly with all correspondence addressed to the Club, either personally or by re-directing to another more relevant committee member.

  2. To arrange and attend committee meetings, usually monthly, by booking venue, informing other committee members and preparing an agenda with the Chair.

  3. To prepare a summary of all correspondence received for reading at monthly meetings and make committee aware of approaching deadlines

  4. Take minutes at committee meetings:
    • make them available in advance of the next meeting (compile in consultation with Chair).
    • Record names of those present and those sending apologies for absence
    • All decisions reached at the meeting
    • Responsibilities for action assigned to individuals during meeting
    • Record main points reached in discussions – if in doubt consult with Chair or meeting as a whole (any minutes back from sub committees/individuals representing the Club on outside bodies)
    • A complete record of all minutes, usually in a minute book, should be maintained (this will be available to members with reasonable notice)

  5. Keep an accurate record of Club affairs including:
    • Committee meeting minutes
    • Correspondance
    • Results (with the possibility of forming a club ranking list)
    • Accurate record of whereabouts of the holders of perpetual club trophies etc

  6. To arrange the Club AGM, ensuring proposed changes to club rules, constitution etc are processed in the correct manner, that section secretary reports are available and that award winners are notified that their presence is required.

  7. To liaise with County, Area and National governing bodies and ensure full representation at their AGM etc.

  8. To notify the County and Area Associations of the names and addresses and changes of same of the Club Officers

  9. To liaise with Local Borough Councils and with Sports advisory bodies on matters relating to athletics

  10. To promote the Club whenever possible by sending literature to sources of new members (see also School and Community Liaison Officer)

  11. To help find new officials and coaches by encouraging parents and ex-athletes to attend courses and to become involved in Club affairs

  12. To regularly attend training and competitive events organised by the club

  13. A detailed account should be kept of all expenses incurred in the course of their duties

  14. Consider and seek out additional sources of funds for the Club

The Secretaries reward for the conscientious carrying out of their duties is the ever increasing reputation of the Club and it’s members and the confidence of colleagues.

Race Duties.

  1. Book HQ’s, village halls etc
  2. Organise race permits/course measurement certs
  3. Organise first aid cover
  4. Draft letters for permissions/thanks
  5. Inform police/ambulance station
  6. Organise road closures/traffic control
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TREASURER: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Club Treasurer

  1. To keep detailed accounts of all facts of the Club involving income and expenditure

  2. To hold and keep up to date all of the Club’s books connected with finance

  3. To accept, document and bank all income

  4. To settle all legitimate accounts on behalf of the Club. All cheques to bear two signatures as decided by the Club Committee

  5. To process orders as placed by the Committee

  6. To attend all Committee meetings

  7. To supply written monthly reports to the Committee. Copies to be retained by the Secretary and Treasurer

  8. To liaise with other Club Officers and Section Secretaries concerning their expenditure, allowing petty cash floats where necessary

  9. To assist and encourage all fund raising efforts

  10. To produce an annual balance sheet and income and expenditure account in time for the AGM

  11. To supply all books and documents required by the auditor to enable them to examine and vouch for the report and balance sheet, and to liaise with the auditors with regards to the presentation of accounts

  12. To keep an accurate income and expenses record so as be able to provide an account at the end of the Club’s financial year

Race Duties

  1. Order race numbers, medals, trophies, pins, signs etc
  2. Purchase prizes for races
  3. Prepare cash float for races
  4. Secure sponsorship for appropriate races
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Role of the Club Membership Secretary

  1. To check on first claim eligibility of new members in liaison with previous clubs and the relevant association in accordance with UKA rules

  2. To maintain an up to date membership pack to send out to any prospective new members enquiring about the club (keep information on membership section of website up to date)

  3. To process membership application forms by sending to new members:
    • Letter of membership acceptance
    • Current club newsletter
    • Current fixture sheet
    • Membership card and number
    • Copy of Club rules
    • Club clothing information
    • Contacts for training etc
    • Receipt for membership fee

  4. Keep and maintain an electronic register of members showing dates of election to membership, type of membership, date of birth, address, contact details etc

  5. To prepare and dispatch to existing members (preferably by electronic means) membership renewal forms prior to the end of the clubs financial year. At intervals of 3 and 6 months from the beginning of the financial year a second an final reminder will be dispatched to members still in arrears

  6. Present the committee with list of members still in arrears

  7. Keep record of all subscriptions/donations received in cash receipt book and on the membership database

  8. Pass all monies on to treasurer on at least monthly basis and liaise to find any members who have sent money direct to treasurer and amend records to suite. Assist treasurer at end of year in reconciling membership income.

  9. To provide monthly amendments to the Club address list for the necessary club officials

  10. Within 28 days of receipt, process resignations with Club Secretary, write to athlete advising of committee decision

  11. Ensure that all applications and resignations are properly recorded in the minutes

  12. Keep an accurate income and expenses record so as to be able to provide the treasurer with accounts

Race Duties

  1. Marshal Co-ordinator
  2. Coordinating marshalling of races, the right people in the right places.
  3. Briefing marshals, dispensing hi-vis, first aid kits, paperwork and radios on race day.
  4. Organise soup team for Rhobell.
  5. (see also comments under Social Secretary re possible sharing this race duty)
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SOCIAL SECRETARY: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Social Secretary

Organising and promoting programme of Social events for club members throughout the year, especially get together after club races.

Race Duties
Is this possibly a better role for the organising of marshals???? Or possibly share the tasks between the two posts (ie with the membership secretary) which would certainly ease the burden and widen the number of contacts the 2 committee members would know.

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JUNIOR CO-ODINATOR: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Junior Coordinator

Clubs or a network of clubs will benefit from identifying a volunteer (preferably a coach) who can specialise in building links with local schools in order to recruit new athletes through after school clubs, Startrack, Sportshall and competition activities. There is also a need for a designated person to liaise with local colleges and universities, which could be a separate role.

  1. Willing to be UK Athletics CRB checked;

  2. As highly qualified as possible, ideally Level 2 or 3 Development Coach or Children’s Coach (or understanding of club coaching structures);

  3. Good at communicating and motivating with a good sense of humour;

  4. Excellent knowledge and experience of Startrack, Sportshall, QuadKids and other induction programmes;

  5. Act as a liaison with external partners such as Local Authority, Schools, other partnerships and Welsh Athletics;

  6. To undertake appropriate training to the role, i.e. Safeguarding and Protecting Children training;

  7. Facilitate general junior athletics queries for the club;

  8. Act as a key point of contact for new athletes. Ensuring they go into appropriate training groups;

  9. To attend club committee meetings to represent the junior section of the club;

  10. To collate feedback from athletes, coaches and parents/carers and report to committee;

  11. Ensure Welsh Athletics Accreditation Scheme (Clubmark) pack is kept up to date (with volunteer coordinator) and implemented across the club;

  12. Liaise with the head of junior development in other local club or network of clubs;

  13. Liaise with local colleges and universities, taking advantage of opportunities to promote the club or network of clubs at Fresher’s weeks and other events to recruit potential athletes, coaches volunteers and officials.

  14. Coach after school clubs (satellite clubs), helping transition from school to club (only applicable if you are a qualified coach)
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WELFARE OFFICER: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Welfare Officer

A supportive and positive environment in which children and adults can enjoy athletics safely is vital. You’ll provide leadership in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults within the club and act as a key point of contact for anyone needing to support or guidance. You will also need to maintain relationships with the UK Athletics welfare team. You’ll report to the club committee and work closely with the club team managers and the club coaching coordinator. Annually you will have to undertake an appropriate safeguarding course. It is recommended that this role is carried out by two people, one male and one female.

  1. Implement the Athletics Welfare Policy and Procedures in conjunction with UKA and Welsh Athletics policy;

  2. Make sure everyone understands the UKA or Welsh Athletics Accredited Clubs (Clubmark) Codes of Conduct;

  3. Be visible and approachable to all club members and post your contact details on club notice boards, the club website, in your club welcome pack and in newsletters;

  4. Develop a system to ensure all individuals working with young people undertake a CRB application every three years and hold an ISA – registration;

  5. Co-ordinate training for club personnel working with young people (i.e. Safeguarding and Protecting Young People) – where appropriate;

  6. Ensure that all safeguarding issues and incidents are reported promptly to UKA;

  7. Ensure all parents of new young athletes receive the clubs child protection policy;

  8. Verify and confirm club’s Accredited Club (Clubmark) information;

Race Duties
Ensure all current legislation and best practice guidance is followed for all junior races and vulnerable adults

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Role of the Race Promotion and Advertising:

  1. Produce and update entry forms/posters and other flyers

  2. Ensuring race entries go on website

  3. Distributing entry forms to relevant races through club runners

  4. Free listings in runners world, athletics weekly, Trail Running mag etc etc

  5. Produce press releases and do race reviews for website
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Role of the Course Director:

Marking out route and dismantling, signage
Liaison with landowners, SNPA, mountain rescue

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Role of the Race Controller - HQ:

  1. Arrange race registration, computer and all paperwork eg entry forms on day, time keepers forms, mountain recording forms, race HQ posters etc

  2. Organise Timekeepers and finish/start set up including finish funnel and gazebo and clock

  3. Race communications, briefing checkpoint marshals on radio use

  4. Race results and produce Directors Prize List and highlight any new course records
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MENS TEAM CAPTAIN: Click to E-mail.


WEBMASTER: Click to E-mail.

Role of the Webmaster:

  1. Maintain the News section of the website covering recent performances and forthcoming races / events.

  2. Updates race entry forms onto the system.

  3. Maintain club and course records for course / distance and our races.

  4. Maintain the technical areas of the website such as e-mail addresses / passwords etc, and look at developments possibly in Social Media for creating links from the website to the Club Facebook page.

Race Duties
Putting results and synopsis of race onto website.

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Cyfansoddiad y Clwb / Club Constitution.

(To be updated with the 2010 updated version)


The club shall be known as the "Meirionnydd Running Club".


To arrange races and promote amateur athletics open to members from the age of 11 years and upwards. The Club is affiliated for Road, Fell and Cross Country. In furtherance of its objectives the club may hold championships, enter leagues and team competitions, arrange social runs, training sessions, talks, demonstrations and social events. It may publish standards, print newsletters, arrange travel and do any other things which may be incidental to, or conducive to, the encouragement of jogging and running.


a) Membership of the club is confined to Amateurs as defined by UK Athletics in the Rules for Competition Handbook. Members should adhere to all UKA Rules and codes of conduct.

b) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the club secretary/membership secretary on the approved form, and approved by a majority of the management committee.

c) Each member shall pay a subscription decided at the Annual General Meeting. The annual subscription will normally be payable in full by new members on election but the Committee has discretion to authorise amendments for those joining in the last quarter of the financial year.

d) Junior membership will be available for those from the age of 11 to 18 years of age. A concessionary membership rate is also available to those in full time education and those over 65.

e) Subscriptions must be paid for the current year, which runs from April 1st before the member can compete for the club.

f) Persons may be elected as Life Members of the Club in recognition of services/achievements associated with the Club or athletics in general. Recommendations for these awards must come through the Committee and then be proposed to the membership at the AGM.

g) To resign, a member must inform the secretary in writing.

h) Any member guilty of misconduct (e.g. contrary to the constitution) may be cautioned once or expelled from the club by a majority decision of the management committee. Any person expelled will have the right to appeal to the management committee meeting called at his/her request not later than 2 weeks from the date of expulsion.

i) AAA Rule 19.  The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is twelve months in arrears provided one months notice in writing shall have been sent to such member by a registered or recorded letter, addressed tom his/her last known address, informing him/her of the proposed action of the committee.

The name and address of any person so expelled shall be sent to the Hon Secretary of the Welsh Athletics who shall enter his/her name in a book (to be called the Suspension Book) to be kept for that purpose. Every person whose name has been so entered shall be suspended from competing at any meeting held under UK Athletics rules until the liability causing his/her said expulsion, which shall not exceed one year?s subscription in arrears, is eligible to take part in any competition promoted by the club.

j) Senior members are expected to marshal/volunteer at at least one club race each year. In return 1st claim senior club members (i.e. those not on a junior/concessionary rate) will be entitled to enter all other club races (pre race entry only, where applicable) at half advertised price.

k) The headquarters of the Club and its address for all notices and correspondence shall be the normal home address of the Hon. Secretary for the time being.

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a) The management committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Child Protection Officer, Press and Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and up to 4 ?other? members (such as team captains) who will all be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

c) The management committee shall meet monthly, with additional meetings for race organisation etc as required.

d) A quorum for the management committee shall be 50% of currently elected members.

e) All decisions will be by majority vote; the Chair shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

f) The management committee has the power to co-opt extra members up to a limit of 5, to create trustees, and to form sub-committees as required.

g) Any person who fails to attend two consecutive meetings of the Committee without giving a reason acceptable to it shall cease automatically to be a member of the committee.

h) An auditor/s who must not be a committee member must audit the club accounts before each AGM.

i) The club?s financial year shall run from 1st January 31st December each year.

j) The club has adopted the WAA policy document on Child Protection.


a)The AGM will be held during February and the following business undertaken:

-The Chair's report for the proceeding year will be read and discussed

-The Treasurer's report on the financial position of the club along with the auditors report on the accounts will be read and discussed

-The officers and other committee members will be elected

-Appointment of auditors

-To fix subscription rates for the following year

-Consider any written proposals received.

b)Each and every member shall be informed, in writing, of the AGM at least one month prior to the meeting. Motions which members wish to be discussed should be submitted in writing to the club secretary at least 2 weeks before the meeting

c)Standing orders or rules may be changed by a two-thirds majority decision of those in attendance eligible to vote.

d)One fifth of all paid up members will constitute a quorum.

e)To be eligible to vote a member must have subscriptions paid up to date and be aged 14 years and over.

f)Committee members shall be voted for each year, with each individual serving for a maximum of 4 consecutive years in any one post.

g)The Chairman shall have a casting vote.


a)The colours of the club shall be a dark blue vest with 2 diagonal bands, yellow over red, with matching shorts.

b)Club colours must be worn by all competitors representing the club at every competitive meeting.


a) The management committee, by a simple majority vote at a quorum meeting, may propose amendment to the constitution. The changes may be made only at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. 4 weeks notice must be given for an EGM. A quorum consists of one fifth of the membership eligible to vote. If the motion is passed by two thirds majority the amendment to the Constitution will be adopted. If no quorum then another AGM must be called within 1 month.

b) Alternatively, 10 ordinary paid up and voting members may petition the club secretary in writing, to call an EGM in which the conditions in 7(a) will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.

c)Voting rights as at the AGM pertain.


a) The management committee, by a two-thirds majority at a quorum meeting, may decide to dissolve the club. They must then call an EGM giving 4 weeks notice to all club members. If the motion is passed by a two-thirds majority the club is then dissolved. If the motion is not quorate then it becomes void.

b) Alternatively, 10 ordinary paid up voting members may petition the club secretary in writing, to call an EGM in which the conditions in 8(a) will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.

d)Voting rights as at the AGM pertain.

e)Upon dissolution any funds remaining after all debts have been met will be donated to Welsh Athletics to be used in the furtherance of amateur athletics in the region.

9. THIS CONSTITUTION was adopted at a meeting held in: DATE January 2006

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Cylchlythyr y Clwb / Club Newsletter.

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