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7/6/17 Llanrug 5k.

Brother Tom and Gwion were in action at the Llanrug 5k. Tom Roberts won the race claiming 1st in a time of 17:47 and Gwion Bobo Roberts claimed 3rd in a time of 19:19.

4/6/17 Callow.

Elly dee ran in the Ludlow Runners Callow Race at Little Stretton. Ellie said “Spoilt for choice for races today...opted for the Callow race over Gregynog Trail...for the extra mile and few extra metres of elevation.
Didn't really know anybody there, just knew that there'd be lots of amazing fell runners and I'd be at the back. I'm fine with that as long as I'm not holding up marshals etc, but nobody seemed to mind.
Didn't check the route before I got there, looked at the route map at registration and realised I may be out of my comfort zone. You know what though, I might not be fast but I can do it (at my own pace).
A proper challenge, great training for planned runs and races in the months ahead and any time spent in such an amazing place is pure joy for me. Scrambling up and down near vertical hills, often without paths, just straight through the heather and fern. I loved every second.
A couple of people knew who I was, from my Clwb Rhedeg Meirionnydd Running Club vest, and just general famousness, and said hi. Everyone was lovely, helpful and supportive, so all in all a really great race.
Walking back down the lane from the finish, the organiser told me to pop into the pub to pick up my prize...for 'final finisher' I thought, but no, I'd won my age category (obviously the only one in it, but you don't get anything if you don't turn up!)”

callow elli dee 2017

3/6/17 Welsh 1000, Long Challenge race.

Ben Wells and Dylan Evans Welsh 1000 Challenge race.
Ben said “Well that was an experience and a half. Welsh 1000 peaks fell race. Over 20 miles with nearly 10k feet of climbing. Starting on the north wales coast and finishing on Snowdon. Thanks to Dylan Evans and Andrew Holt for the support.”
Dylan Evans finished in 06:36:43 closely followed by Ben Wells in 6:36:56.

welsh 1000 dylan evans 2017 welsh 1000 ben wells 2017

3/6/17 Abersoch 10k.

Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the Abersoch 10k.
Juliet said "Just done Abersoch 10 k, 840+ runners dashing round the back roads , trying to find some shade,then the last km on the beach felt soooo long."
First home was Mark Davies 41:03 followed by Juliet Edwards claiming 1st F50 49:30 and Sioned Mair Jones 58:18.

27/5/17 EMF Edinburgh Marathon.

Sandra and Elli travelled North to run in the EMF Edinburgh Marathon. Elli said “Bit of an unknown...haven't trained for a road marathon, really just a training run to get a decent distance in. Totally didn't know what to expect, but didn't expect to crash and burn quite as spectacularly.

Excellent pre-race fun, meeting up with lovely RMR ladies and totally wanting to be running up Arthur's Seat than 26 miles of tarmac.

First two miles were pretty though...takes a while to get going nowadays. Nice route though with lots to see. Started to settle and feel comfortable, even felt I might have a PB in me after all. Knew that was off the cards when had to queue for ages at the loos about 6 miles in.

Got back on it, was feeling epic. Saw Rhys, Olly and my boys at about 10 miles, managed a bit more before the wheels began to fall off. Tight hamstrings were beginning to hamper my pace, so I stopped for water, gel and a good long stretch.

This seems to work for a while but I was really hurting so had to slow right down. Hard going until 20 miles, began to feel a little more positive and slogged to the end, with lots of help from Sandra and an amazing crowd.

Toughest marathon I've done in terms of how I felt, a harsh lesson in at least doing some relevant training. As I doubt I'll want to spend much time running on flat tarmac in training, I guess that's an end to flat, road marathons for me (no great loss!). It was hot and hard out there today, I totally flaked and cried afterwards but my boys ran over the line with me and I had another great day out with San so I'm calling that a win.”

Elly dee finished in 5:38:5 and Sandra Williams5:38:7

emf 2017

May 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #67:
Jimmy Carter 18:48; Clive Edgington 21:19; Arfon Hughes 21:20; Sarah HARRIS 1st Lady 26:13 and Sioned Mair Jones 29:11.

Dolgellau #66:
Clive Edgington 20:54 and Sarah HARRIS 33:52.

Dolgellau #65:
Arfon Hughes 21:38; Sioned Mair Jones 28:09.

Dolgellau #64:
Clive Edgington 25:31; Mpho Bogatsu 27:00.
Coventry #367: Sioned Mair Jones 28:32.

23/5/17 Club run llanfachreth

Club runners on the edge of Coed y Brenin near LLanfachreth.

llanfachreth 2017 club run

23/5/17 Great orme, Tuesday night series

Tom Roberts finished 3rd in 32:03.

(Message from webmaster: I am struggling to follow the series this year as the results don't appear for a long time.)

20/5/17 Ras y Gader.

A fantastic turn out for the club at our local race. Sixteen runners took on the challange of running 10.5 miles from the town square in Dolgellau up to the top of Cader Idris and back. About an hour before the race we had torrential rain but by 1pm and the start of the race it was sunny with a light breeze. The wind kept the humidity down, nice weather for a mountain race.
Club times were:

Tristan Evans 1:37:48
Jimmy Carter 1:45:01
Mat Fenwick 1:46:45
Jeremy Randell 1:48:50
Gwion Roberts 1:49:12
Arfon Hughes 2:01:40
Dave Whittey 2:05:31
Steve Lovelock 2:05:45
Steffan Owen 2:05:57
Anneliese Lovelock 2:09:37
Ben Wells 2:12:19
Rob Whittey 2:13:34
Glyn Rowlands 2:16:09
Justin Pilkington 2:16:57
Kevin Evans 2:46:16
Mpho Bogatsu 2:47:33

ras y gader 2017
cader 2017 tristan evans cader 2017 jimmy carter cader 2017 mat fenwick
cader 2017 jeremy randell cader 2017 gwion roberts cader 2017 arfon hughes
cader 2017 dave whittey cader 2017 steve loveluck cader 2017 steffan owen
cader 2017 Annalise loveluck cader 2017 ben wells cader 2017 rob whittey
cader 2017 justin pilkington cader 2017 keving evans cader 2017 mpho bogatsu

14/5/17 Powis Trail 10k.

Jimmy Carter and Elli Downing ran in the the Powis Trail 10k this morning. Jimmy finished in a time of 43:01 for a 7th place finish and 3rd M35.
And Elli finished in 1:12:13.

powis trail 10 ellie dee 2017
powis trail 10 jimmy carter 2017

10/5/17 Ras yr Hafod.

Jimmy Carter ran Ras yr Hafod, the results haven't been posted yet.

9/5/17 Club run.

Evening club run at Coed y Brenin.

cyb club run 2017

7/5/17 Newtown 10k.

Jimmy Carter ran in the Newtown 10k finishing in a time of 38:54 claiming 1st M35.

7/5/17 Ffrith 5k.

Five Club runners travelled to Prestatyn to run in the Ffrith 5k which incorporated the North Wales 5k championship. First home was Gwion Roberts in 18:33; he was followed by Clive Edgington claiming Gold M60 in North wales champ 20:06; Arfon Hughes Bronze M45 NW champs 20:36; Jeff Davies Silver M65 North Wales champs 22:05 and Sheila Symonds Gold F80 NW champs in 50:20.

ffrith 5k 2017

7/5/17 Market drayton 10k.

Tom Roberts finished 4th out of 2500 in a time of 33:40.

market drayton tom roberts 10k

3/5/17 Rhostryfan 10k.

Results from a hilly and hot Rhostryfan 10k
Tom Roberts 1st 34:35 taking the course record by 4seconds.
Gwion Bobo Roberts 10th 41:47
Graeme Stringer 46th 51:58
These mid week races are well worth going to. They are ideal for a bit of speed work training

2/5/17 Club run.

Evening club run at precepice LLanfachreth.

club run llanfachreth 2017

April 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #63:
Clive Edgington 20:57.
Chipping Sodbury #163: Jeff Davies 21:53.

Dolgellau #62:
Clive Edgington 20:39; Arfon Hughes 21:12; Sioned Mair Jones 27:47 and Elly Downing31:37.

Dolgellau #61:
Arfon Hughes 20:53; Dave Whittey 21:59; Nich Bradley 22:43 and Elly Downing 30:49.

Dolgellau #60:
Clive Edgington 20:38; Steffan Owen 21:44 and Mpho Bogatsu 43:08.
Swindon #348: Jeff Davies 22:47.
Penrhyn #118: Tom Roberts 17:00.

Dolgellau #59:
Clive Edgington 21:04 and Arfon Hughes 22:00.

29/4/17 Three Peaks fell race.

Jeremy Randell ran 23 miles in the 63rd Annual Three Peaks fell race finishing in a time of 4:30:26 (see certificate for the proof).

Link here for full race report.

jeremy randell three peaks 2017 three peaks certificate jeremy randell 2017

29/4 Moel Wnion.

Tristan Evans ran in the Moel y Wnion fell race. He finished in 40:34, 3 min faster than last year.

moel wnion tristan evans 2017

29/4/17 Red kite challenge half marathon.

Jimmy Carter ran in the Red Kite Challenge half marathon at Devil's Bridge. He finished 2nd M40 in a time of 1:43:30.

29/4 Big rock 10k.

Sole Meirionnydd runner in the Big Rock 10k was Steffan Owen who finished in 43:19.

big rock 10k steffan owen 2017

23/4/17 Goldrush Trail.

Nine Club runners ran in the Goldrush trail with another four in the Goldrush canicross.
In the trail race Meirionnydd's Tom Roberts Won in a time of 56:40. Close behind was his brother Gwion Bobo Roberts in 1:06:38; then Steffan Owen 1.11.42; Steve Loveluck 1.13.56; Dylan Evans 1.15.06; Anneliese Loveluck 1.16.17 to clain 1st age category F45; Ben Wells 1.19.15; Justin Pilkington 1.22.11 and Graeme Stringer in 1.27.20.

In the Goldrush Canicross Mat Fenwick finished in 2nd Sen category in 1.06.27; Peter Barnes 3nd M55 in 1.29.57; Jacqueline Fowler 1.49.01 and Haydn Fowler 1.56.44.

goldrush 2017

23/4/17 London Marathon.

This years Club representative in the Virgin London Marathon for 2017 was Mpho Bogatsu. Mpho finished the marathon in 4:38:17.

london marathon mpho bogatsu 2017

16/4/17 Teifi 10.

Tom Roberts said he was happy with his race in the Teifi 10. Tom finished in 2nd place in a time of 54:55.

teifi 10 tom roberts 2017

14/4/17 Chocoholics 5k.

Two Meirionnydd runners took on the Maldwyn Harriers Chocoholics 5k in Newtown. First home was Graeme Stringer in 23:27 followed by Sheila Symonds to claim 1st F80 in 43:18.

chocoholics 5k graeme stringer 2017 chocoholics 5k sheila symonds 2017

9/4/17 Rhug 10k

Steffan Owen ran in the Up hill down dale Rhug 10k. Finishing in 51:48.

uhdd rhug 10k steff owen 2017

8/4/17 Ras y Moelwyn.

Four Meirionnydd runners ran Ras y Moelwyn in glorious spring sunshine. First home was Tristan Evans in 01:37:44 followed by Mat Fenwick 01:45:48; Arfon Hughes 02:02:22 and Nich Bradley 02:04:26.
Photos by Graham Spencer

moelwyn 2017 tristan evans moelwyn 2017 mat fenwick moelwyn 2017 arfon hughes
moelwyn 2017 nich bradley    

March 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #58:
Clive Edgington 20:48 and Sioned Mair Jones 28:30.
Holkam #63: Jeff Davies 22:47.

Dolgellau #57:
Dave Whittey 22:47; Tony Hodgson 25:38 and Peter Barnes 41:00.

Dolgellau #56:
Clive Edgington 20:32; Arfon Hughes 22:47; Dave Whittey 23:01; Ben Wells 25:17 and Tony Hodgson 36:32.
Penrhyn #115: Tom Roberts 16:58.

Dolgellau #55:
Clive Edgington 2nd 20:53; Steffan Owen 3rd 21:09 and Arfon Hughes 22:21.
Chipping Sodbury #155: Jeff Davies 21:37.

Long Mynd Valleys

This years Long Mynd Valleys was included as one of the English Champs races. Jeremy Randell was the sole Meirionnydd runner particpiated witht the otheer 400 runners in the 11.5 mile fell race from Carding mill, Church Stretton. Jeremy finished in a time of 2:11:30.

long mynd jeremy randell 2017

25/3/17 llantysilio.

Nich bradley was the sole Meirionnydd runner at this years LLantysilio fell race. Nich finished in a time of 1:14:40.

Photos by SJphotography here.

llantysilio nich bradley 2017

19/3/17 Brynkinalt 10k

Steffan Owen won the Up hill down dale Brynkinalt 10k. Steff finished 1st in a time of 45:59.

uhdd brynkinallt 10k steff owen 2017

19/3/17 Forest of dean Spring Half marathon.

Jaqueline Fowler ran in the half marathon and said 'got 2:55:05 as we held hands and made a "rushed hobble" to the finishing line. Lol! Lots of friendly marshals. Plenty of photo opportunities. Loads of water at drinks stations and just a brilliant race experience!'

18/3/17 Aran.

Results here.
Race photos by SJPhotpgraphy here.
More from Nigel 50 at 50: here and here.

A big thank you to Oen Aran lamb for sponsoring the winter series.

This Saturday saw the thirteenth running of the Ras yr Aran and we certainly weren’t lucky with the weather. The foot of the mountain was warm with light drizzle but with cloud base low on the Garth visibility by the summit plateau was down to 25m with winds gusting to gale force giving a wind chill approaching -10.

The race was the third counter in the North Wales series and a quality field of 86 hardy souls took up the challenge. Due to conditions the organiser slashed the Moel Fenigl cut off time to 50 minutes and all competitors made that time. Deteriorating weather forced 3 retirements above the checkpoint and everyone had a hard battle to the turnaround, the route being terminated short below the final summit rocks climb.

The first runners home were Gareth Wyn Hughes of Mercia in 1:34:38, 12 seconds ahead of last years winner Ambleside’s Karl Steinegger with Lawrence Eccles of Penny Lane Striders a minute and a half behind.

In the Women’s race was one by Zoe Barber also from Mercia in 1:50:50 followed less than a minute later by Sian Williams of Rhedwyr Hebog.

Buckley had a good day with Jez Brown 4th overall and he, Steve Toogood, and John Morris took age category wins. John got very chilled on the descent and in the true spirit of fell running was supported by two Pensby runners and after rewarming was able to pick up his prize.

Women category prizes went to Ruth Metcalfe, and Ellie Salisbury with Elsi.

One female competitor developed signs of hypothermia on the return across the plateau and was assisted by members of the Mountain Rescue and she was able to walk down in their company. The race organisers are very grateful for the support of the rescue team, who are out on the fells for us at all of our races, fortunately rarely are they required to intervene but their presence is a great service to all runners at all races, which is truly appreciated.

Gareth Hughes also claimed the Male Winter series with a combined time of 3:19:24 and the Ladies Winter series was won by Sian Williams from Rhedwyr Hebog in a combined time of 3:55:14.

In the Winter series hall of fame you will find details of all winners and runners who have completed the series: Winter series hall of fame.

Gareth Hughes. Zoe Barber. Sian Williams.
aran 2017 winner aran enillwraig 2017 aran 1st lady 2017

2016/17 Winter Series results:

Men. Women.
  1. Gareth Wyn Hughes; Mercia 3:19:24.
  2. Tristan Evans; Meirionnydd 3:32:50.
  3. Anthony Powell; Maldwyn 3:43:43.
  4. Steve Loveluck; Meirionnydd 4:31:37.
  5. Glyn Fletcher; Maldwyn 4:27:28.
  6. Kean Rowlands; Eryri 4:28:15.
  7. Brian Seery; Eryri 4:54:51.
  1. Sian Williams; Hebog 3:55:14.
  2. Louise Barker; Aberystwyth AC 4:36:20.

Four Meirionnydd runners completed Ras yr Aran 2017:

  1. Tristan Evans 1:38:19
  2. Jimmy Carter 1:46:44
  3. Steve Lovdeluck 2:13:28
  4. Glyn Rowlands 2:32:20
aran tristan evans 2017 aran jimmy carter 2017 aran steve loveluck 2017
aran glyn rowlands 2017    

A big thank you to everyone who made this race possible.

18/3/17 6th Trail at Portmeirion

Four Meirionnydd runners ran in the 6th trail race at Portmeirion. 1st home and winning the race was Tom Roberts in a time of 27:26. He was followed by Gwion Roberts in 31:34, Steffan Owen 33:45 and Ben Wells 38:10.

6th trail gwion roberts 2017 6th trail steff owen 2017 6th trail ben wells 2017

12/3/17 Wrexham Marathon Festival, Half Marathon.

Two Meirionnydd runners ran in the Wrexham Marathon festival.
In the full Marathon incorporating the North Wales Half Marathon Championship Justin Pilkington finished in 3:46:35 claiming 3rd M40 in the Championship.

In the Half marathon Steffan Owen finished in 1:35:54.

wrexham festival steff owen 2017

11/3/17 Conwy mountain fell race

Tristan Evans was the sole Meirionnyd runner in the first running of the Conwy mountain race. He finished in 3rd in a time of 47:37.
Photo by Sports pictures Cymru.

conwy fell race tristan

5/3/2017 Anglesey Half Marathon.

Four meirionnydd runners ran in the Anglesey half marathon. First home was Gwion Robertn in 01:26:12 followed by Dylan Evans 01:36:29; Peter Barnes 01:59:09 and Jude Evans 02:22:18.

anglesey half 2017

4/3/17 Pipe dream.

Two club members ran in the Dolgarrog Pipe dream. First home was Nich Bradley in 49:43 follwed by Sioned Mair Jones who claimed the bag of potatoes in a time of 68.08.

pipe dream sioned jones 2017
pipe dream nich bradley 2017 pipe dream tatws 2017  

4/3/17 Bwlch maesgwm

Tom Roberts and Arfon Hughes ran in the bwlch maesgwm race from LLanberis. Tom won the race.
Results TBC.

4/6/17 Round the Lakes 20 mile

In the Round the Lakes 20 mile road race in Rhayader, Jimmy Carter running his first race for the club finished in 2:21:58, a new PB and club record.

rheader 20 jimmy carter 2017

February 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #54:
Arfon Hughes 22:01; Ben Wells 26:58 and Elly Downing 31:11.
Swansea Bay #68: Jeff Davies 21:29.

Dolgellau #53:
Clive Edgington 20:51; Steffan Owen 21:26; Arfon Hughes 22:09; Nich Bradley 22:37; Mpho Bogatsu 26:08 and Sioned Mair Jones 27:51.
Penrhyn #113: Tom Roberts 16:47.

Dolgellau #52:
Clive Edgington 20:49; Steffan Owen 22:34; Rob Whittey 22:45; Ricky Francis 23:05; Sioned Mair Jones 28:28
Swindon #340: Jeff Davies 21:56

Dolgellau Parkrun #51:
Arfon Hughes 24:48 and Sioned Mair Jones 29:07
Nich Edinburgh #380: Nich Bradley 22:14.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun #151: Jeff Davies 21:14
Shrewsbury parkrun #159: Ricky Francis 22:18.

26/2/17 Rhuthin 10k

Mat Fenwick ran in the Rhuthin 10k. Mat said "Although I was sent the wrong way by a marshal and did 13k, they took my 10k split for the official result posted, 40:34."

25/2/17 Rhyl 10 miles.

Steffan Owen was he sole Meirionnydd runner in the Rhyl 10 miles race. He finished in a time of 1:13:13.

rhyl 10m steff owen 2017

25/2/17 Swansea Welsh Cross Country Championship.

Clive Edgington made the long trip down to Singleton Park, Swansea to compete in the Welsh National XC Champs which also incorporated the Welsh Masters XC Champs. Conditions were very testing, with heavy rain and a very muddy course. This made for a tough tiring race. Clive brought home the Bronze medal in the M60 category finishing in 3rd place and 88th in the National.

swansea xc welsh champs clive edgington 2017

23/2/2017 AGM, Ship hotel.

Chair report 2017
Another year (2016) has passed and it is time for another chair’s review. This year again has been thin in terms of international success, but that does not mean that nothing much has happened, nor does it mean we don't have the prospect of doing well in regional, or even national success in future. More it reflects that we are a very small club, with, unless we open membership to sheep, a small catchment population. We must expect cycles in what we achieve collectively as we do in our personal running. Nonetheless If this was a leaner year than some we have things to celebrate.

Tom Roberts, returning from his injury of 2015 represented North Wales at the 10k in Telford, as did Jeremy Randell in the interregional cross country cross country at Brecon.

In the North Wales Championships Clive Edgington also back from injury got a Masters Gold in the Rhyl 5k. Tom had the Silver medal 10 mile at Wrexham, but our best haul was at the Abergele 5 miles with Bronze for Tom and Masters Gold for Sheila Symmonds and Masters Bronze for Clive and Sioned Jones. In individual races Tom had wins at 5k in Caernarfon and 10k wins in Deiniolen, Rhos Tryfan and Abersoch. Age category wins fell to Sheila, Jeff Davies, Clive and Nich Bradley at various distances.
Lots of half marathons were done but the goat award should go to Pete Nicholls who did Chester in 2:25, missing a sub 2 hours cos he stopped to talk to his wife!! Pete I have to tell you most of us run so we can avoid talking to ….! Pete was our sole London marathoner though Haydon Fowler did his first marathon with Jaqueline in Paris later that month in the rain and 3 runners did the Snowdonia with Dylan Evans getting a sub 3:55 finish. Elly Dowling who completed an ultra in August (Run to the Castle 42M) had a valiant attempt at back to back marathons!
This year we are very excited to have entered the ballot for the Castles relay on June 10th for which we will need team of over 20 runners with 10 mile legs on them and a significant back up team to ferry people between stages. Lets hope we get a place, it should make for a great weekend

Dolgellau PR has seen steady attention and members help to marshal. We also run around this country and abroad and altogether members completed 141 runs in the year, only 19 of the club have done a run in Dolgellau yet though so plenty of us are missing the opportunity. Lots of runners have been fastest in class but Parkruns are not races so we will pass over them, I was going to quote who'd had PBs in the year in Dolgellau but as its the first year we all have!

Cross Country:
Last year we survived in the first division and Tom won 3rd place overall, The 2016-17 season didn't start so well and we never fielded a full team of 6. Tom managed to improve his position though to 2nd and Jeremy got 3rd M60. We are down to Division 2 next season but that reduces the team size minimum to 5 and we are quite hopeful that we could bounce back up. How about a ladies team?

On the trails Jeremy got a class win in the Maesgwm 10k in March; 11 Goats did the Goldrush and 2 the full Welsh Trail Marathon in June and 6 did the half. Steffan Owen took a second place and Steve & Anneliese Loveluck class wins at the Dysynni Trail Festival 10k and Sheila a class win at Cregennog.
We had 8 runners on the Compressport 10 k and Tom picked up a second place at the Trailfest Half. Elly did the Snowdonia trail marathon, Anneliese and Steve did the half. In the Petzl Night Trail we had 10 runners and the Golden Goats Team got 4th place overall and Steve and Annelise both won their age cats. Lets not forget Canni-cross, with Jaqueline and Buster representing the club and gaining age category places.
Trail continues to grow and more club members are competing. Its a shame we have dropped our trail races, which was ’cos of clashes in the Autumn. Perhaps we should think of restarting it in August which has a fairly quiet calendar?


Jeremy was the hillbilly of the year by a fair margin coming second in the fiercely contested WFRA North Wales M50 class and 3rd in the Wales Open Championship. Your Chair achieved similar rewards for the North Wales M60 class which was less fiercely contested (no-one else did the minimum 6 races!). But I did run and enjoy all 9 races of the series and picked up a few class wins some of which were contested! Both Jeremy and I picked up some class places and firsts. Apart from me only a couple of goats made any of the Tuesday Night Series this year, it would be good to have company! They are a distance away after work, perhaps we should look to organising a short series of summer evening simple hill races nearer home?


The winter series passed smoothly (despite the last minute venue change at Tarrenhendre) with 3 women and 8 men completing the series, 4 club members amongst them Miranda Grant (Eryri) and Karl Steinegger(Ambleside) took the Aran Lamb prizes. Thanks again to everyone who helps stage these events either before or on the day - 210 racers salute you!
Thanks to Tom’s recruitment and Peter Barnes setting up the on line pre registration the Dol 5 was well supported with 99 runners 9 from the club, the weather was kind and all had a good time Gary Wyn Davies from Aberystwyth and Amie Bagnall (Prestatyn) won. It was good to see big contingents from some of our neighbouring clubs, Lets support their races! Tom is going to take on the lead organiser role and take this race a step further with our support!

We had another great annual dinner in January with presentations of The Club awards, Billy Goat Tom Roberts; Nanny Goat Anneliese Loveluck ; Sheila Vaughan Trophy Gwion Roberts; Goatherd Sue Thomas; Most Improved Man Steffan Owen; Most improved Woman Mpho Bogatsu; and Runners Runner Dylan Evans. Well done them. Thanks to Sarah our Social secretary for arranging that and another great minibus trip to the Aber10k. We will organise more trips like this if runners come along, especially to championship races, but anything that enough people want to do together (No not the New York marathon!)

We are welcoming some new members to the club this year and as well as the Castles relay and the cross country competition we have hopes of getting a team for the Fell Running Relay in September, which is another great fun event. Reflecting on what the club has done just makes me want to get out there and do all of these events! I want to redo and improve on my favourites but there are many races Ive not done. Life gets in the way and stops you doing everything but can I recommend we all try to do the Welsh Championship road races and those of local clubs as well as Coed y Brenin and team events the club is able to enter.

I conclude by thanking my committee personally, and on behalf of the club, for their endeavours during the year. My especial thanks to those who have left or are about to leave, Sue and Pete Barnes, Keith Williams and Juliet who has done a sterling job as treasurer and I am confident will be leaving us with money in the bank still! The whole committee has worked supportively to promote the club and running locally.

And speaking purely for myself I will close by thanking the club as a whole, all of you, for your support and encouragement over the past years, not just in my role as chairman, but as a -not terribly good - runner. Whilst the club has many members who have enjoyed sport all their lives I know a significant number have come to running later on, I was well into my 40s. I remember how intimidating it was at first, yes the physical effort of any training but the thought of lining up for a race with “serious” athletes and being frightened of feeling or looking foolish in failure. But we all know running isn’t like that and all runners from Mo Farrer to me always try to train and race as best they can to their own particular goal, and will always try to support each other, applaud each other’s successes and commiserate when things don't go to plan. This club was setup to provide a local structure for running and races, but its ideal was and remains to be a group of friends enjoying each other’s company and encouraging each other to keep fit and active. Lets keep it that way.
Nich Bradley (chair)

Election of officers 2017:
Chair: Arfon Hughes
Vice Chair Dylan Evans
Secretary: Graeme Stringer
Treasurer: Sue Barnes
Membership: Mpho Bogatsu
Welfare: Juliet Edwards and Tristan Evans.
Mens Captain: Tom Roberts
Ladies captain: Juliet Edwards
Fell race co-ordinator: Nich Bradley
Kevin Evans

Change to constitution: TBC

19/2/17 Village Bakery half marathon, inc The North Wales road running championships

The only Meirionnydd runner was Jeremy Randell who finished in 1:26:28 to claim 2nd M50 in North Wales championships.

village bakery jeremy randell 2017

19/2/17 Brecon to Cardiff Ultra 70km.

Elly Dee and Sandra Williams ran in the Brecon to Cardiff Ultra 70k that was actually over 44 miles.
Elly said "First half was amazing, 6 miles or so along the canal to warm up, then 6 miles or so climbing (mainly gently) up through the forest on the Taff Trail past the reservoirs into the foggy drizzle...that unfortunately meant we couldn't see the true awesomeness of the surroundings in all their glory. However, those trails were amazing and we rocked them!

After halfway, the route took us through Merthyr and on to Aberfan, where I cried like a baby seeing the valley itself and then the cemetery.
The trail was pretty grim and pretty scary in places, both before and after dark, but mostly easy to find our way.

Fab medal and tech tshirt although we'd have done it just for the run. Lovely organising team and marshals, and we bagged a spot prize for being the most positive, smiley, friendly and generally nuts runners at the finish."

Time for both finishing was 11:31:01.

brecon to cardiff elly sandra 2017

18/2/17 Hoka half trail marathon

Steve Loveluck and Annalise Loveluck ran in the Hokka One One half trail marathon in Margam Park, both had a finish time of 1hour.48min and Annalise won 3rd Female overall winning a slate trophy and pair of Hoka trainers.

hoka half marathon 2017 loveluck

12/2/17 Nick Beer 10k incorporating Welsh 10k championship

Five Meirionnydd runners ran in the Nick Beer 10 wich this year included the Welsh 10 Championship. First home was Jeremy Randell claiming 2nd M50 in 40:19 followed by Graeme Stringer 49:59; Peter Barnes 1:07:51; Sue Barnes 1:07:51 and Sheila Symonds who claimed 1st F80+ in 1:43:28.

nick beer 2017 jeremy randell

4/2/17 North Wales Cross country League, Oswestry.

Five club runners ran in the final race in the North Wales Cross Country League.
Final results confirm that we have been relegated to second division, but consolation in the fact that Tom Roberts claimed 2nd Senior overall and Jeremy Randell 3rd M50. Great effort.

Next year lets see if we can get back into division one, we have a great chance, but we need at least 6 runners for each race.

Individual results were:

  • Jeremy Randell 60
  • Gwion Roberts 77
  • Steffan Owen 88
  • Clive Edgington 100
  • Arfon Hughes 114

Team results:

    Final league rankings in division 1 are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury 397
  2. Oswestry 843
  3. Buckley 1,134
  4. Eryri 1,809
  5. Gog Tri 1,920
  6. Colwyn Bay 2,278
  7. Meirionnydd 2,947 Relegated.
  8. Tattenhall 3,498 Relegated.

Photos by: NeeNee's Photos.

oswestry jeremy randell 2016 oswestry gwion roberts  2017 oswestry steff owen 2017
oswestry clive edgington 2017 oswestry arfon hughes 2017  

January 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #:50
Arfon Hughes 22:48.

Keswick #138:
Ricky Francis 22:51.
Tamar lakes #119: Jeff Davies 22:06.

Dolgellau #48:
Ricky Francis 23:15 and Sioned Mair Jones 29:19.

Colby #135:
Jeff Davies 22:42.

28/1/17 Club Dinner & Award ceremony 2016

Meirionnydd running club celebrated another great year with a dinner and ceremony at the Royal Ship Hotel in Dolgellau. Awards were presented on the evening for the best performances in 2016 and the raffle money was donated towards Steffan Owens Dawn till dusk trailathon fund.

Steff is raising money towards Brain Tumour Charity (The) by running a trailathon at Coed y Brenin on the Saturday the 1st April. You can read his story about why he is doing this and how you can help on his event page on facebook Facebook. You can also donate through the Just giving page: Just giving.

MRC 2016 Trophies were awarded to the following:
Billy Goat. Nanny Goat. Goatherd.
tom roberts 2016 A loveluck 2016 sue thomas 2016
Most imp Male. Most imp female. Sheilah Vaughan Trophy.
steff owen 2016 mpho bogatsu 2016 gwion roberts 2016
Runners runner. Kid goat. Slug.
dylan evans 2016    

A big thank you to all the runners and volunters for all your efforts and kindly donating your time over the year.
Photos above by Gareth Roberts & Arfon Hughes.

28/1/17 Tarren Hendre.

tarren hendre start 2017

Tarren Hendre the second counter in Meirionnydd Running Club's Winter series and the first counter in WFRA' s north Wales championship. A total of 90 runners turned up for the race, 88 finished with 2 DNF.

Full Results here.

The race was a hard fought race with the two lead runners Mathew and Gareth Wyn Hughes shoulder to shoulder at each check point. They almost made a catastrophic mistake on the final hill check point. The marshals saw the two cresting the ridge as they approached the checkpoint, but then they both disappeared as they decided to turn around and run away from the marshals. This was quickly corrected and they maintained a strong lead over those behind.

tarren hendre 2017

The winner was Mathew Roberts from Calder Valley Fell Runners (red above) in a time of 0:53:07 and two seconds behind Gareth Wyn Hughes from Mercia Fell Runners in 0:53:09. Third place went to Karl Steinegger from Ambleside AC who finished in 54:34.

tarren hendre 2017 miranda  grant

The first woman home was Miranda Grant from Eryri Harriers in 58:20, in second place was Sian Williams from Rhedwyr Hebog in 1:00:32 and third place went to Anna Bartlett from Mercia Fell runners who finished in a time of 1:00:54.

A total of £107 was raised from Tea and cakes sales after the race and raffle held in the evening at the club dinner. This was donated towards Steffan Owens Dawn till dusk trailathon fund. Steff is raising money towards Brain Tumour Charity (The) by running a trailathon at Coed y Brenin on the Saturday the 1st April. You can read his story about why he is doing this and how you can help on his event page on facebook Facebook.

You can also donate through the Just giving page: Just giving.

Some Photos by Allanah Julia Fenwick and Arfon Hughes here.

and a Short video by Chris Laughton here.

Meirionnydd Running club would like to thank all the marshals, volunteers, landowner, runners and Mountain rescue for their helping to make the day such a success.

    First Meirionnydd runner was:
  1. Tristan Evans in 57:00 followed by:
  2. Jeremy Randell in 1:04:13
  3. Adam Preston in 1:05:02
  4. Dylan Evans in 1:07:13
  5. Steve Loveluck 1:07:34
  6. Rob Whittey in 1:09:57
  7. Dave Whittey in 1:13:08
  8. Anneliese Loveluck 1:13:49
  9. Graeme Stringer 1:18:11
  10. Juliet Edwards 1:18:45
  11. Peter Nicholls 1:27:26
  12. Dai Rice 1:31:10
tarren hendre 2017 tristan evans

28/1/17 North Wales Cross Country championships.

Clive Edginton and Sioned Jones ran in the Cross country champs at Rhug today. Clive Edgington came away with gold for 1st in M60 category.

north wales xc clive edgington 2017 north wales xc sioned jones 2017  

21/1/2017 Twin piers 10k.

Jeremy Randell was the sole Meirionnydd runner in Twin piers 10k. He finished in 41:14 to claim 2nd M50.

twin piers jeremy randell 2017

21/1/17 Buff Winter Trail half marathon, Coed y Brenin.

Eight Meirionnydd runner took part in the third annual Buff Winter Trail Wales onthe Trail Marathon Wales half marathon route across the same stunning trails and tracks of the world-renowned Coed y Brenin Forest Park in the Snowdonia National Park.

This years race winner was our very own Tom Roberts finishing in 1st place in a time of 01:27:34. He was followed home by Gwion Roberts 1:47:35; Adam Preston 1:48:00; Steffan Owen 1:56:22; Dylan Evans 1:58:13; Anneliese Loveluck 1:59:43; Steve Loveluck 2:02:01; Justin Pilkington 2:09:11 and Jacqueline Fowler 3:10:03. Jude Evans was running as back marker.

winter trail 2017 tom roberts
winter trail 2017 gwion roberts winter trail 2017 steff owen winter trail 2017 dylan evans
winter trail 2017 adam preston winter trail 2017 jude evans  

14/1/17 North Wales Cross country League, Walford college.

walford xc 2017

Five club runners ran in the fourth race in the North Wales Cross Country League.

Individual results were:

  • Tom roberts 6th
  • Tristan Evans 28
  • Jeremy Randell 62
  • Steffan Owen 93
  • Arfon Hughes 110

Team results:

    After four race the league rankings in division 1 are as follows:
  1. Shrewsbury 322
  2. Oswestry 690
  3. Buckley 989
  4. Eryri 1,363
  5. Gog Tri 1,579
  6. Colwyn Bay 1,829
  7. Meirionnydd 2,366
  8. Tattenhall 2,773
walford xc tom roberts 2017 walford xc tristan evans 2017 walford xc jeremy randell 2017
walford xc steff owen 2017 walford xc arfon hughes 2017  

7/1/17 Recce of Tarren Hendre.

tarren hendre recce 7 jan 2017

Tom Roberts organised a group of club and local runners to recce the Tarren hendre route. Looks like fun.

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