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Our next race: 27 January 2018, Tarren Hendre (Race 2, Winters series).

Tarren Hendre fell race

6 miles with 2000’ ascent. Race Grade: AM & LK/PM/ER
The second race in the Meirionnydd - Winter Race Series. The lower reaches of the race are run on a mixture of well marked tracks and footpaths, but the open fells above are unmarked. The high mountain terrain can be featureless and is susceptible to varied and often adverse weather conditions. Navigational skills may be necessary.
Minimum age 16 years, and the Entry limit is 250. All competitors must carry wind/waterproof full body cover, map, compass and whistle. Sorry, no Dogs.
Start at 12.00. Registration is in Abergynolwyn, Nr.Tywyn (OS 124, SH677069)
Age group course records, (Established 2004 – new course 2005):

Goat rules.


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Newyddion / News.

7/1/18 Telford 10k.
Two Meirionnydd Runners participated in the Telford 10k. Tom Roberts representing North Wales finished with a PB and New Club record of 31:26 and Matt Fenwick a PB in 39:53.

telford 10k tom roberts 2018
telford 10k matt fenwick 2018

6/1/18 North Wales Cross Country Championships, Rhug.
Two Meirionnydd runners participated this year Gwion Roberts finished in 41:21 and Arfon Hughes in 47:24.

31/12/17 Odyssey Charity 10k.
The race race of the 2017 with club members participating was the Odyssey Charity 10k held at Ynys Maengwyn Tywyn. I can't find the results but runners included: Tom Roberts, Gwion Roberts, Jimmy Carter, Linzi Cooper, Dylan Evans and Sandra Williams.

ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 tom roberts
ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 jimmy carter
ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 gwion roberts
ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 dylan evans
ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 linzi cooper
ynysmaengwyn 10k 2017 sandra williams

27/12/17 Sunrise to Sunset Challenge.
The Annual Sunrise to Sunset Challenge, Run as far as you can between Sunrise and Sunset – be it a 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra, get your lap card stamped every lap and have fun.
Elly Dee participated and said "So chuffed with today. It was really good fun. The tarmac didn't bother me much at all, I just kept it steady. Took me a good 5k to warm up...legs still had a bit of Helvellyn in them. Lasted until 30k before I needed a pee, but then my legs seized up. By 34k I had to hobble, then stopped at 35 to have a really good stretch. Walked another lap then felt tip top again. Had a walk break up the tiny incline each lap from then on until 50k then bimbled along until Denz said one more lap...ran that obvs. Good tunes, constant snacks and nothing to carry. Lovely people, lots of encouragement as you pass back and forth round the loop. Proper enjoyed it. Whether my legs will tomorrow is a whole different story.
33 and a bit mile."

sunrise to sunset 2017

16/12/17 Tour de Helvellyn.
Elly Dee and Sandra Williams took on the Tour de Helvellyn 2018.
Elly said: "I've wanted to do this race since I heard about it a few years ago. Most of that time I've been too scared to enter, thinking it's a bit hardcore for me. However (and of course, in stories like these, there's always a however) after Lakeland 50 this summer, I had that dangerous post-race smug feeling of 'I can do anything', combined with the old chestnut...'what now?' So I entered Tour de Helvellyn, made Sandra sign up too and bought a better waterproof!
The next few months were filled with reminding myself that I can navigate if I need to (I'm lazy, I don't do it if I don't have to), making sure I had enough warm and waterproof kit and telling anyone who'd listen that I hoped it was going to snow.
We weren't able to get up to the Lake District much to recce - we're both pretty busy so we had to settle for a lot of talking to people who'd done it before and a little jolly to do the Ullswater Challenge in October, which covered some of the route (and was fab!) This helped with seeing a couple of bits that may be tricky in darkness.
Anyway, as usual I didn't manage to really train much and I managed to leave most of my required kit in Shropshire with no time to go back to collect it. So my race prep was the usual scrabbling around finding bits of kit. Thanks Sandra, Fiona and Olly (although he doesn't know it yet!) for sorting me out with a few extras.
Of course none of this helped the inevitable pre-race nerves. The night before a race that I know will be somewhat challenging I always get the jitters. Lying awake wondering what the heck I am doing, it's a long way, it's going to be hard and how much easier it would be to stay home and spend time with my lovely family. They're so supportive of my running adventures but I know they'd rather I stayed home sometimes.

Anyway...the actual race. San picked me up from work on Friday and drove us up to the Lake District in her van (KFC for pre-race meal). Camped in the van in the car park after registering, and before I knew it, the 6am alarm was going off.
What felt like million layers of running gear but was actually injinji socks, Dexshell waterproof socks, two pairs of tights (one thermal), base layer, mid layer, fleece jacket, waterproof jacket, waterproof hat, Santa hat and a buff around my neck, I looked like Staypuff man - surprised I could move. Porridge and tea in the van and we were pretty much ready to go. My vest pack was fuller than it's ever been (mainly with food).
You know it's going to be a good day when you go into the loo that Nicky Spinks comes out off obviously never saw her for the rest of the day.
For ages, I'd hoped for snow and I got my wish. As we headed up Askham fell it was snowing, pretty icy too so yaktraks were put on almost immediately. It was so wonderful up on the fell in light snow as the sun rose around us. We made a few observations that would help us later on our return (although this was actually unnecessary this year!) and continued down to the CP in Martindale.

tour de helvellyn 2017 1

Climbing up Boredale was a slog. It had stopped snowing, we didn't see any of the famous red deer but due to the staggered start, were passed by the better runners who had started after us. Many were really friendly, and Katie (who I believe finished first lady) complimented me on my jacket - same as hers! I love how many really good runners always make time to be friendly to the minions at the back.
On completing the climb, we were rewarded with a beautiful white vista of the surrounding mountain tops. This is what I'd come for I struggled a bit down the other side, I'm not a confident downhill runner, especially on fells with lots of rubble-like obstacles on the paths. Eventually I made it in to Patterdale for a much appreciated cup of tea and a checkpoint buffet of crisps, malt loaf, Kendal Mint Cake and some 'real food' nibbles.

Then followed the familiar climb up from Helvellyn base camp to Greensticks mine. I felt good and confident at this point, even knowing some of the epic climb ahead before we even reached the parts we hadn't yet experienced.
When we got to the youth hostel and started up the zigzags we hit the snow line and put our yaktraks back on. I was very glad I had these, they really made me feel a lot more secure in the conditions (and I managed all day without slipping or tripping, both of which are pretty standard running behaviour for me). I also felt a lot better as lots of people were trudging up the zig zags with skis and snowboards strapped to their backs, we felt like goats with our little packs. I never knew there was a ski lift on Raise until yesterday. How excitingly awesome!
Once we got to Stu at the bridge, he was a welcome sight, as we knew there'd be a bit of a break from slogging uphill and actually got to run a bit. It was great to see their friendly faces and get another CP done. Those guys had the best, but undoubtedly the coldest marshal point of the day, fair play all of the marshals are pretty damn awesome.

tour de helvellyn 2017 2

After a bit of an amazing run through the snow, we started to climb again up to Sticks Pass. It really felt like we were climbing Everest or something. We could just see mini-figures of people in front of us in the mist, winding their way up and up, still just about making out how much higher they were than us. It was cold and visibility was pretty low, but it was almost ethereal up there and not the sort of conditions you'd even contemplate stopping for a rest in.
Every so often we kept thinking we could hear voices, but couldn't see anyone. I'm sure at one point Sandra thought she was going crazy. Once we heard the distinct carving sound of skis, we started to level out. It became like running through a ski resort, with people snowboarding and skiing above and around us, and others carrying their equipment back up as we started, finally, to descend.
The descent was tougher than the climb. The snow was easier than the slippy grass and mud that came once the snow was left behind. However, the yaktraks were still on and stopped us slipping down the last bit of hill to the checkpoint.
Next came a typically muddy and boggy Lake District path, with a slight detour (lazy with the map) resulting in a extra climb back up to a bridge. The next checkpoint, with more tea, Kendal Mint Cake and friendly faces was lovely to see, as was the completely white, ice-rink that was Swirls car park. Fair play to the marshals and supporters who parked there, skills needed, no doubt. Here we finally joined forces with Lou, Lynsay and Denise, who we'd planned to start with but lost them in the Community Centre

We continued on the undulating track through the forest before starting the climb up to Grisedale Tarn. This climb was the toughest part of the day by far. Still in good spirits and anticipating the white beauty that awaited at the top, we slogged our way up icy steps for what seemed like an eternity. At one point, I thought I was hallucinating when I thought I could see Father Christmas up ahead. A little bit closer and I realised it was the lovely John in his Santa suit, taking photos of our climbing efforts. Again, so uplifting to see a friendly face out on the hill when the going is about as tough as it gets. Also a little mood-warming were the constant familiar running-shoe footprints in the ice and snow on the paths, like a reassuring guiding light.
Eventually we stopped climbing, and were able to run a little bit more (more of a march by this stage really). We'd realised, having seen the time that making the cut-off at Patterdale was not going to happen, so trudged on as fast as we could manage, knowing it would soon be dark and people would be waiting for us so they could stand down.

tour de helvellyn 2017 sandra
tour de helvellyn 2017 elly

Grisedale Tarn was indeed as stunning as I imagined in the snow. It looked distinctly black against the white of the peaks around. The sunset as we stood at the top of the valley we were about to descend was stunning, pink and purple.
The descent was tough. Headtorch and fairy lights on, carefully making our way down a choice between deep snow and the icy path. We finally made it past the snow line and spirits rose a bit (along with a ham roll - eating always helps).
As we trudged tiredly down what was now a pretty decent track we saw headlights in front of us...a knight in shining armour in the form of Steve, to zip us back down the last bit of road to Patterdale.
Once we arrived, we were checked in/timed out, the marshals closed the checkpoint (after giving us whatever we needed of the remaining food) and Stu drove us back through the fog to the finish. This was undoubtedly the funniest part of the day, this man is an absolute legend.
Lovely soup and chatting to other runners about their experience, feeling a tiny little bit gutted we didn't finish but proud of what we'd achieved in such conditions. Definitely got what I came for in bucketloads! The toughest race I've ever done for many many reasons, but also one of the most rewarding running experiences I have ever had.
I now know (for definite) that I can do the conditions, the navigation, the distance (albeit not that much today) but need to work on getting quicker on this terrain and as always, the mental toughness/dealing with the mind games that inevitably occur in these challenges needs working on some more.
All in all, a flipping good day out. Thanks to all who shared, contributed and supported."

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3/12/17 Aberystwyth 10k.
On the annual club outing to Abersytwyth the club paid for the minibus to take the runners and their supporters to the event. It was a great race and well organised by Aber AC. It's well worth doing as the suppot at the start and finish has a great atmosphere. Note for next year, the race sells out very quickly so if we intend on doing a club day out,we need to book our places ASAP.
First home:

  • Jimmy Carter 37:17, 2nd M40.
  • Gwion Roberts 37:32
  • Arfon Hughes 42:03
  • Dave Whittey 44:54, 1st M60.
  • Justin Pilkington 46:19
  • Nich Bradley 47:42
  • Graeme Stringer 47:42
  • Pete Nicholls 50:59, 1st M65.
  • Kevin Evans 54:55
  • Sioned Mair Jones 55:13
aber 10k Jimmy and gwion 2017
aber 10k arfon hughes 2017
aber 10k dave whittey 2017
aber 10k justin pilkington 2017
aber 10k graeme and nich 2017
aber 10k pete nicholls 2017
aber 10k kevin evans 2017
aber 10k sioned jones 2017

25/11/17 Bangor Cross Country.
Mud, Mud and more mud. On field at Treborth the going was soft, hard going and energy sapping. Linzi Cooper was the sole ladies team representative who succesfully kept the team in the competition.

In the Mens team first home was Tom roberts in 3rd place followed by:
Tristan Evans 14
Jimmy Carter 27
Gwion Roberts 56
Arfon Hughes 102
Richard Hankinson 144
The Men's team are currently top of Division 2 with two races to go in the New Year.

bangor xc 2017 linzi cooper
bangor xc 2017 tom roberts
bangor xc 2017 tristan evans
bangor xc 2017 jimmy carter
bangor xc 2017 gwion roberts
bangor xc 2017 arfon hughes
bangor xc 2017 richard hankinson

19/11/17 Conwy half marathon.
Andrew Ellis ran in the Conwy Half finishing in a time of 1:35:52. Andrew said "Tight hamstring in the first mile, had to stop twice to stretch, obviously would have won it otherwise lovely route, I would highly recommend."

18/11/17 Rhayader 10 mile.
Jimmy Carter ran in the Rhayader 10 mile road race today in a time of 64.52 to claim 3rd M40.

Rhayader 10  jimmy carter 2017

11/11/17 Betws y coed trail challenge.
Eight Meirionnydd runners ran in the Betwe Y coed Trail Challenge.
Three ran in the Cani-cross. First home was Mat Fenwick who claimed 3rd overall in 43:41 who was followed by Jacqueline Fowler 1:02:02 and Haydn Fowler in 1:09:34.

Sport Pictures Cymru:
Dylan Evans 10k 48:40 3rd M55
Allanah Allanah Julia Fenwick 10k 54:35
Linzi Cooper 10k 58:07
Helen Wyn Jones 10k 1:04:28
Jude Evans 10k 1:09:16

betws trail mat fenwick 2017
betws trail haydn fowler 2017
betws trail j fowler 2017
betws trail dylan evans 2017
betws trail a fenwick 2017
betws trail linzi cooper 2017
betws trail helen jones 2017
betws trail jude evans 2017

5/11/17 Leeds abbey dash 10k.
Tom Roberts Ran a personal Best of 31:43 at the Leeds abbey dash 10k this morning and former Meirionnydd runner Alex Lanz ran 32:48.

5/11/17 Abergele 5.
Four meirionnydd runners ran in the Abergele 5. A new route along the seashore with salt water water jump. Great race. Congratulations to Sheila Symonds on claiming 1st F80 and North Wales 5 mile Gold F80 in 1:23:38. Gwion Roberts was the first MRC to finish in 30:15, followed by Arfon Hughes 34:02 and Sioned Jones in 44:23.

SJ Photography:

abergele 5 sheila symonds 2017
abergele 5 gwion roberts 2017
abergele 5 arfon hughes 2017
abergele 5 sioned jones 2017

4/11/17 Rhobell Fawr.

Rhobell fawr flag 2017

The 15th running of this opener to the Meirionnydd Winter Series took place on Saturday November 4th with the first snow forecast for that evening. After a very wet night conditions improved from 9 am and the race was run in lovely if cool autumn sunshine. 61 contenders took up the challenge no doubt all dreaming of the whole Aran Lamb to be shared by the series winners in March (this might be true if there wasn’t a record of many of the winners being vegetarian!). Going underfoot was from wet to treacherous and there were many fallers but no injuries. The men’s race honours were shared amongst the masters. Achille Rattis’ Mark Palmer took the lead just after the stile at Bwlch Goriwared on the ascent and held it to take a win in 54:20 just under 2 minutes outside his 2015 M50 course record. M40 Jez Brown (Buckley) followed him in 54:45 and Mathew Fortes (Eryri) also M40 was third in 54:55, some 12 seconds ahead of the first senior Tristan Evans of organisers Meirionnydd RC.

Cader Sports Photos: and

The 2017 Winner was Mark Palmer, Achille Ratti in a time of 54:20 and the first lady was Katie Beecher from Les Croupier who finished in 1:04:37.

rhobell 2017 winner mark palmer
rhobell 2017 katie beecher 1st lady

In the women’s race Katie Beecher of Les Croupiers was first in 1:04:37, followed by Hayley Evans of Buckley (1:05:58) and Katie Cole running for No-mad Running in 1:10:20. Masters prizes went to Richard Price (Sedgly Striders) 1:09:24; Dyfed Thomas (Eryri) 57:51; Louise Barker (Aberystwyth AC) 1:16:47; Dave Powell also of Aberystwyth AC (1:06:47; Iwan Edgar (Eryri) 1:07:49 and Amanda Purves of the Mysteries in 1:24:16. Buckley scooped the team prize. There was one retirement who was able to descend without assistance so there are 60 runners in with a chance of the Series prize. The next race is Tarrenhendre on Jan 27th with its three super steep climbs and terrific boggy forest descent, after which its not over....

A big thank you to Nich Bradley (the Race Organiser) and to all the volunteers, landowners and Mountain Rescue for making it possible to hold the race.
Also shouldn't forget a thank you to the runners for turning up.

Meirionnydd runners were:
Tristan Evans 55:07.
Jimmy Carter 1:1:19
Adam Preston 1:08:02
Dave Whittey 1:12:06
Ben Wells 1:13:52

Glyn Rowlands 1:19:11
Graeme Stringer 1:20:32
Pete Nicholls 1:22:48
Justin Pilkington 1:22:58
Allanah Fenwick and Mat Fenwick 1:31:39

rhobell 2017 tristan evans
rhobell 2017 jimmy carter
rhobell 2017 adam preston
rhobell 2017 dave whittey
rhobell 2017 ben wells
rhobell 2017 glyn rowlands
rhobell 2017 graeme stringer
rhobell 2017 pete nicholls
rhobell 2017 justin pilkington
rhobell 2017 fenwicks

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