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Our next race: 29 July 2017, Dolgellau 5 miles.


Dolgellau 5 or Dol 5 which includes a Team challenge.
Distance: 5 miles (measured)
Start time: 13:00
Registration at Dolgellau Rugby club.
Entry: £10 and £12 (2016)
Route: Race Map
More information on our races page: here.

Fun Run / Rhedeg a sbri.
Distance: 1 miles
Start time: 12:30
Entry: £2

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Tuesday, Club Runs.

Summer season. Runs will start from various locations around Meirionnydd. Link has details of meeting place & times: Timetable here.

Newyddion / News.

10-11/6/17 Welsh Castles relay.

Our Captain Tom Roberts' Race report
"Last week I was really stressed out with it all and was slightly worried about things possibly going wrong or runners dropping out last minute. But it just couldn't have gone any better.
I'll start by thanking all the 20 runners who turned and smashed every stage. Not one dropped out and everyone crossed that finish line with a big smile. The conditions on Saturday were pretty horrendous, especially for Glyn Rowlands on stage 2, 10mile run into that strong wind and rain did not look like much fun!
The dedication was amazing, new member Mark Davies travelled from work in Somerset to take part as we were a bit short on numbers. Jeremy travelled from Mold to run stage 10, Jeff Davies travelled from Swindon and Adam had started down to Newtown 5:30 Sunday morning for a 7:00 start.
Jimmy and Dave both had injuries before the weekend and weren't sure if they were going to be able to take part. That would of given us big problems then to try and replace but they turned up and both ran extremely well.

But this weekend wasn't all about the runners, we just couldn't have done it without the support we had. Mary Bradley had driven over 400miles, in the 2 days, making sure everyone was at their start in good time. Elinor Jones and my Dad put in long shifts on the Saturday and Sunday picking people up as they finished.
Huge thanks to all the Marshals that turned up to Barmouth, again in awful weather, this took a lot of pressure of us in the minibus as we could just carry on traveling through and give support.
Thanks also to Juliet, my Mum, Elly and Llio who weren't even running but turned up to give support.

The support I had on my stage was unreal! I've never been so excited to start a race before, everyone shouting at me on the start line then along the route, it deffo helped me to get over that bwlch!
Pretty much every member of the club had taken some part in this weekend, either running, marshling or supporting. Which proves this was a club effort not just done by individuals.
We have proven we can compete in team events, we finished 43rd overall and in the mountain stages we finished in an impressive 23rd (above Eryri)!
Ive had 2 messages today from members from Prestatyn, saying thanks for the support we also gave them over the weekend.

Our barmy army fans are the best! And my last thanks goes to Arfon, Nich, and Greame who in the last couple of weeks have just kept me calm!

It really is a pleasure to be the captain to such a great club.
I'm sorry if I've missed anyone out
Dates for next years race 9/10 of June 2018!
Diolch yn fawr iawn."

Results are up on les croups website: Results.

Overall Team result for Meirionnydd: 43rd in 25:25:41.
Mountain Kings 23rd in 7:39:18.

castles relay end 2017 welsh castles relay map

1 Caernarfon Castle to Penygroes 9.1 miles Steffan Owen in 01:10:08.

castles relay steffan owen 2017

2 Penygroes to Criccieth Castle 10.7 miles Glyn Rowlands in 1:23:31.

3 Criccieth Castle to Maentwrog 12.3 miles Gwion Roberts in 1:19:39.
My experience of the castles relay was simply one to remember! The atmosphere and energy from the club was the same from being soaked watching Steffan start in caernarfon to watching Arfon finish it all off in the sun in Cardiff. My ears were ringing Sunday night from the noise of cow bells and horns but I can only see that as a positive because we were the loudest and best supporting/supported team!

As a runner it was one of the more difficult races I have done. It wasn't easy on the main road with so much water on one side of the road and a mansel Davies squeezing past on the other side, so there was no option but to get wet feet! The stage itself was fairly straight forward and fast until the last 5 miles and it became steep, slippery and slow. Luckily local knowledge and a recce the week before helped me to gain a few places on the hills. The finish was tough even though it was downhill it was nearly 20% combined with jelly legs and slippery roads meant you let the brakes off and just let momentum carry you down. The support going through Tremadog was what I needed at that time so thank you!

The good thing about running on Saturday is you could have the Sunday to be a supporter and follow the race hanging out of the 'rust bus' window blowing my horn as loud as possible!!!!!!! It wasn't just the meirionnydd runners that benefited from our support because a good number of other teams thanked us for the support through the event. I think next year the club should arrange for some louder horns and more bells and real life goat (or maybe a fancy dress)!

Thank you everyone who worked hard to arrange a perfect weekend."

castles relay gwion roberts 2017

4 Maentwrog to Harlech Castle 9.5 miles Pete Nicholls in 1:20:51.

5 Harlech Castle to Barmouth 9.6 miles Mark Davies in 1:05:06.

6 Barmouth to Dolgellau 10.7 miles Dylan Evans in 1:16:36.

castles relay glyn rowlands 2017 castles relay pete nichols 2017 castles relay dylan evans 2017

6 Barmouth to Dolgellau 10.7 miles Nia Davies in 1:31:26, Running for Natural Resources Wales.
Nia said "A very wet and windy start at Barmouth running into the weather along the promenade and sideways wind coming over the bridge, I was not impressed that a young Denbigh Harrier was trying to use me as her wind shield on the bridge! Haha.

Once I was over the bridge the wind was behind me and the rain started to ease off. After Morfa Mawddach I could see the other runners in the distance in front and then the run became lonely. For 5 miles I was running alone with no marshals, no support to be seen. To be honest this was really hard to take in. At one point I was ready to give up.

On the approach to Penmaen Pool I started to hear the cheers and bells and as soon as I saw Owain and Will from NRW team cheering me on this gave me the energy and the determination that I needed to finish the race. I had no idea what my time was like and if I was going to make the cut off point of 1hr42min or not.

I was unbelievably happy to hear that not only did I make the cut off point, but I had 10 minute to spare. I would do the castle to castle relay again but maybe choose a stage that has more support on the way."

castles relay nia davies 2017

7 Dolgellau to Dinas Mawddwy 9.5 Tom Roberts 2nd in 55:47.

castles relay tom roberts 2017

8 Dinas Mawddwy to Foel 10.8 miles Nich Bradley in 1:25:33.
Nich said "My first contribution to the Castles Relay was to introduce Rusty to the team. Lots of the big teams had their coaches with them during the relay but I think we are all agreed without Rusty, our instantly recognisable team coach, we we would never have got to Cardiff!

Hat off to Tom and Arfon, I was happy driving but to be honest I rarely had a clue where I was going or when I was supposed to be there or why. The boys did a great job getting their heads round the complexities of the logistics of 2 runners racing in different races all day with 3 end points all 10 miles or more apart. Especially on day 2 with tiredness following a brief kip in Newtown and the enthusiastic klaxon blowing by little brother at apparently every runner we saw, Tom did a great job keeping us en route.

In someways it was odd, here was a great "event" with lots of the club involved, and then your own time to shine on a stage, but afterwards you can't share your experiences of the stage with other team members because you are the only one to do that bit! There is a great pressure to do your best for the team, which was matched by fantastic support from the others whether the noisy herd of Goats on the bus, or the loads of goats and families driving past as they put in their individual bits.

The stages confirm that Wales is a hilly country with only Dave Whittey getting an easy downhill run throughout. My jog from the Red Lion in Dinas to Foel didn't even count as a mountain section, and indeed once warmed up and turning at the Brigands' the hill settled down to a very runnable if barely unrelenting slope. Topping out unfortunately wasn't converted to an increase in speed and the gains on the two runners in front at the top of the hill failed to develop into overtakes. I wish I'd been faster but I'm happy I gave it my best on the day and it was great to be welcomed in by Elinor and whisked on in comfort after all those hours in the bus. Super just to be in time to see Kevin finish the last flat bit of his race, sorry I didn't follow you up that hill to cheer you at the finish but my legs said I didn't have to!

All the stages had their challenges, huge respect for everyone running in the vile weather in the morning. No one wanted to let the side down, and cos each race is individual everyone had something to go for.

Thanks to Arfon for sharing the driving and Elinor Gareth and Mary for dashing round picking folk up and to the wives and sweethearts who delivered and collected all the Goats who turned up for single stages, It would be really hard if the top to bottom team didn't get those breaks in the schedule.

Last look at Rusty at head office behind the fire engine, note the Auto Glym advert! and his twin with the side door mods; Actually an ideal hire for the event- When I took it back the chap just wanted to know how we had got on - no inspection no checking for "dings", come to think he didn't actually ask where I'd left it! Incidentally this morning they dis have a scattering of posh 12 seaters in good nick is I wouldn't discount them if you wanted something posh!"

castles relay nich bradley 2017

9 Foel to Llanfair Caereinion 8.5 miles Kevin Evans in 1:14:37.
Kevin Evans said "What a great event we must do it again and thanks Tom for giving me a stage, enjoyed the hole experience as did everyone else from the comments. We might not have won the relay, but the club has definitely won in been the best to be a member of as shown with the fantastic support and fun all weekend. Thanks for sorting Tom you've done the club proud."

castles relay kevin evans 2017

10 Llanfair Caereinion to Newtown 13.1 miles Jeremy Randell in 1:28:39.

11 Newtown to Llanbadarn Fynydd 12.3 miles Adam Preston in 1:29:53.

12 Llanbadarn Fynydd to Crossgates 11.2 miles Jimmy Carter in 1:16:54.
Jimmy Said "This was never going to be a fast run for me as I had torn the cartilage behind my left kneecap a fortnight previously and had not run since.

My biggest worry was not being able to complete the section and letting the team down; however as soon as I started running I was borne along by the tremendous atmosphere of the event.

The camaraderie and support was fantastic, particularly from the Goats who I could hear from about half a mile away (Best supported team by far!)

This was a humbling race for me (I was passed by a lot of people) but I made it to the end and I am happy with that. I am also extremely proud to belong to a club with as much heart as this one.

Thank you for making me so welcome, you guys are amazing!"

castles relay jimmy carter 2017

13 Crossgates to Builth Wells 10.6 miles Andrew Ellis in 1:11:18.
Andrew Ellis said "Thank you to Tom and everyone else who helped organise the team and logistics for this weekend's Welsh Castles Relay, it was a blast, thanks for allowing me to be a new goat in your first appearance in the race, looking forward to next year and working on my 5 minute mileing."

castles relay andrew ellis 2017

14 Builth Wells to Drovers Arms 10.8 miles Tristan Evans in 1:13:22.

15 Epynt Visitor Centre to Brecon 12.8 miles Dave Whittey in 1:33:47.

16 Brecon to Beacons Reservoir 8.8 miles Justin Pilkington in 1:11:58.

17 Beacons Reservoir to Cyfarthfa Castle 9.2 miles Jeff Davies in 1:10:03.
Jeff Davies said "Storey Arms was like Piccadilly Circus on a bad Friday. Mix of huge bike race and an unbelievable number going up Pen y Fan. Ah well.

I think, taking it all in all, it was an awesome experience. I followed Day 1 on Twitter and felt a great feeling coming through despite the dreadful conditions.

And yes, when I got to start of Stage 17, the people! Parking at a premium and despite the wind and rain, terrific atmosphere. And as the start approached so in came typical Welsh low cloud and a heavy shower. And then this rather grumpy bloke did the roll call to which you heard the standard 'Yeah' or 'Here' until he got to Eryri and a female voice called 'Yma' to which he answered 'What?' and she replied even louder and more forcefully, 'Yma!'. And so, when he called Meirionnydd, you can be sure what I replied. Bloody cheek! What country does he think he's in?!

And so we went off and yours truly was about third from last. Don't panic! Sure enough, many went off too fast and eventually I was able to pick some off. Largely a downhill stage, apart from a nasty tweak at around 8.5 but running downhill isn't as easy as many seem to think and brings its own strain on the legs. Vans went past shouting, bells clanging, horns blowing – sorry if one of them was you and I took no notice. In the zone! I really didn't like the lack of mile markers, I wasn't expecting that and it meant you couldn't pace yourself properly. And it didn't help [for me] not having raced beyond 10K for a few years but going past Aberystwyth and then Eryri bucked me up a bit!

And then, oh boy, the finish. Hard to express my feelings here. Knowing that Stage 18 started about a mile away, I expected my wife and the dog to be the only ones waiting, but no! There was Tom and Gwion and [I think] Nick and Ellie and I found that really touching, especially later, reflecting on it. They didn’t have to be there but they were and it shows that feeling of companionship, of solidarity and, for me, of belonging that is, as they say, priceless. I know I live a long way away these days but I'm really glad I joined you guys.

Bachgen o'r Bala hyd y diwedd.
Diolch o galon i chi gyd.

castles relay jeff davies 2017

18 Merthyr Tydfil (Rhyd-y-Car Centre) to Abercynon (Navigation Park) 9.1 miles Sandra Williams in 1:19:47.

castles relay jeremy randell 2017 castles relay support flag man 2017 castles relay sandra williams 2017

19 Abercynon (Navigation Park) to Nantgarw 7.7 miles Mpho Bogatsu in 1:08:29.
Mpho Said "My eighty year old neighbour Dafydd often tells me that the only thing that runs about him is his nose. He repeats this every time he sees me coming back from my runs. I know he is proud of me though, because I can see it in his eyes.I tell him joining Meirionydd running club was one of the best things I did for myself.

Castles Relay is an event that brings the running family together. It is one of the running events that somehow answers the question 'why do we run?' Why do we put our bodies through such pain? Why are we not cuddled up in bed on a Sunday morning reading a newspaper? Instead running up mountains in awful weather conditions? I was truly happy to be part of this event. The support from the club members was incredible; from providing home baked cakes, dropping and picking up runners, sharing 5 star tents and camper vans.

My stage 19 Abercynon to Nantgarw was one of the shortest stretch just under 8 miles. I got to the start line just in time to hear our club name called out. Five mins later the race started and I quickly realised that I was racing against 65+ good runners who probably were not just randomly selected by their clubs. Abercynon is a lovely stretch that takes one away from busy roads, rather through a beautiful woodland park. The first few miles takes you through the built up area with a bit of traffic but soon drops into lovely green wood land.

At mile 6 or so, I smiled and beamed with pride when I heard my very loud team in our rusty old minibus behind me, blowing away vuvuzelas and shouting my name. I ran fast, so fast my chest could explode with exhaustion and pride to finish in about 68mins. Would I take part again?

castles relay mpho bogatsu 2017

20 Caerphilly Castle to Cardiff Castle 10.1 miles Arfon Hughes in 1:09:43.
What a fantastic weekend!

castles relay arfon hughes 2017

A big thank you to the Support team:

Fun Team

Juliet Edwards; Juliet said "How did I experience the relay? From the delux rust bucket minibus scampering to the best support spots on the route.
Great to support our club and anyone faster than our runners. Interesting to see the range of the competition and the lead runners slightly bemused expressions when they encountered our enthusiastic noisy supporters.
I would love to be involved somehow again."

Elly Dee, Elli said "It was a fantastic experience, I loved being involved and seeing everyone have such a great time together. I wasn't fast enough to run this year, and not being a big fan of training or racing fast or on roads, I'm not sure I'll ever be (you never know...) but just being there has really inspired me to shout about how great it is to be part of a great running club like ours."

castles relay support team caernarfon 2017 castles relay support 2 2017 castles relay support team 2017 castles relay support 4 2017 support 2017 castles relay support team 2017

Thank you Drivers

Elinor Jones, Mary Bradley and Gareth Roberts

castle relay driver 2017

Thank you Cakes.

Sarah Roberts and Sandra Williams

Thank you Marshals

Jude Evans, Sioned Mair Jones, Arthur and Sheila Symonds.
and last buy by no means least Thank you to all Reserve runners.

10/6/17 Dysynni 15k.

Jacqueline Fowler ran in the Dysynni 15k. Jacqueline said "A muddy affair today. Eli (the dog) loved the boggy sections and succeeded in tangling me face first in the warning tape/signage in the boggiest bit whilst he continued to prance about smiling! As well as his mischievousness on the trail, he's developed a desire to swim and I was constantly being dragged to the estuary water. At 1hr 26mins, we skipped over the finish line, very wet, very muddy, very smiley.

10/6/17 Market Harborough Half Marathon.

Ben Wells ran in the Market Harborough finishing in 1:50:14.

harborough half ben wells 2017

9/6/17 Blaydon Race.

Description of the Race.
The 1862 Blaydon Races Song is the National Anthem of Tyneside. The words of the song are used as a basis for everything in the race where possible. For example the event takes place every “Ninth of June” in accord with the song’s first line:- “Aa went to Blaydon Races t’was on the Ninth of June”

The runners assemble at the public house “Balmbras” in central Newcastle (just as the travellers to see the Blaydon Horse races did in 1862) and are started on their run with the actual handbell mentioned in the song, which is brought out specially, under guard, from The Discovery Museum, Newcastle and “away they gan alang Collingwood Street” on their way to Scotswood Road and Scotswood Bridge to finish in Blaydon itself . The race itself has been instrumental in maintaining interest in local traditions in general and in the Blaydon Races song in particular. The large crowd in Blaydon Shopping Precinct car park welcomes the runners who receive local food and beer and the all important tee-shirt along with their goody bags and certificate. Not all of the tired finishers are tempted by the black pudding, tripe and pickled onions always on offer! The race welcomes all over 16 years and even provides the Kiddars’ Fun Run at Blaydon before the senior race for 9 to 16 year-old local schoolchildren.

The Road Race has been organised annually by Blaydon H & AC since 9th June 1981 and seeks to incorporate much local tradition in an annual run for all, to include top-rank athletes and humble joggers all “Gannin Alang the Scotswood Road”. From just 212 competitors in the inaugural Race the field has grown to 4400 runners who tackle the 5.6 mile course between Newcastle and Blaydon.

Graeme Stringer ran in the Blaydon race. Graeme said "running alang the Scotswood Road in 43.19 with 4600 other runners, including me brother and 2 nephews, on a blazing Summer evening!"

Tyneside Anthem here.

7/6/17 Llanrug 5k.

Brother Tom and Gwion were in action at the Llanrug 5k. Tom Roberts won the race claiming 1st in a time of 17:47 and Gwion Bobo Roberts claimed 3rd in a time of 19:19.

4/6/17 Callow.

Elly dee ran in the Ludlow Runners Callow Race at Little Stretton. Ellie said “Spoilt for choice for races today...opted for the Callow race over Gregynog Trail...for the extra mile and few extra metres of elevation.
Didn't really know anybody there, just knew that there'd be lots of amazing fell runners and I'd be at the back. I'm fine with that as long as I'm not holding up marshals etc, but nobody seemed to mind.
Didn't check the route before I got there, looked at the route map at registration and realised I may be out of my comfort zone. You know what though, I might not be fast but I can do it (at my own pace).
A proper challenge, great training for planned runs and races in the months ahead and any time spent in such an amazing place is pure joy for me. Scrambling up and down near vertical hills, often without paths, just straight through the heather and fern. I loved every second.
A couple of people knew who I was, from my Clwb Rhedeg Meirionnydd Running Club vest, and just general famousness, and said hi. Everyone was lovely, helpful and supportive, so all in all a really great race.
Walking back down the lane from the finish, the organiser told me to pop into the pub to pick up my prize...for 'final finisher' I thought, but no, I'd won my age category (obviously the only one in it, but you don't get anything if you don't turn up!)”

callow elli dee 2017

3/6/17 Welsh 1000, Long Challenge race.

Ben Wells and Dylan Evans Welsh 1000 Challenge race.
Ben said “Well that was an experience and a half. Welsh 1000 peaks fell race. Over 20 miles with nearly 10k feet of climbing. Starting on the north wales coast and finishing on Snowdon. Thanks to Dylan Evans and Andrew Holt for the support.”
Dylan Evans finished in 06:36:43 closely followed by Ben Wells in 6:36:56.

welsh 1000 dylan evans 2017 welsh 1000 ben wells 2017

3/6/17 Abersoch 10k.

Three Meirionnydd runners ran in the Abersoch 10k.
Juliet said "Just done Abersoch 10 k, 840+ runners dashing round the back roads , trying to find some shade,then the last km on the beach felt soooo long."
First home was Mark Davies 41:03 followed by Juliet Edwards claiming 1st F50 49:30 and Sioned Mair Jones 58:18.

27/5/17 EMF Edinburgh Marathon.

Sandra and Elli travelled North to run in the EMF Edinburgh Marathon. Elli said “Bit of an unknown...haven't trained for a road marathon, really just a training run to get a decent distance in. Totally didn't know what to expect, but didn't expect to crash and burn quite as spectacularly.

Excellent pre-race fun, meeting up with lovely RMR ladies and totally wanting to be running up Arthur's Seat than 26 miles of tarmac.

First two miles were pretty though...takes a while to get going nowadays. Nice route though with lots to see. Started to settle and feel comfortable, even felt I might have a PB in me after all. Knew that was off the cards when had to queue for ages at the loos about 6 miles in.

Got back on it, was feeling epic. Saw Rhys, Olly and my boys at about 10 miles, managed a bit more before the wheels began to fall off. Tight hamstrings were beginning to hamper my pace, so I stopped for water, gel and a good long stretch.

This seems to work for a while but I was really hurting so had to slow right down. Hard going until 20 miles, began to feel a little more positive and slogged to the end, with lots of help from Sandra and an amazing crowd.

Toughest marathon I've done in terms of how I felt, a harsh lesson in at least doing some relevant training. As I doubt I'll want to spend much time running on flat tarmac in training, I guess that's an end to flat, road marathons for me (no great loss!). It was hot and hard out there today, I totally flaked and cried afterwards but my boys ran over the line with me and I had another great day out with San so I'm calling that a win.”

Elly dee finished in 5:38:5 and Sandra Williams5:38:7

emf 2017

May 2017 Parkrun.
Link to Club results for all Parkruns.

Dolgellau #67:
Jimmy Carter 18:48; Clive Edgington 21:19; Arfon Hughes 21:20; Sarah HARRIS 1st Lady 26:13 and Sioned Mair Jones 29:11.

Dolgellau #66:
Clive Edgington 20:54 and Sarah HARRIS 33:52.

Dolgellau #65:
Arfon Hughes 21:38; Sioned Mair Jones 28:09.

Dolgellau #64:
Clive Edgington 25:31; Mpho Bogatsu 27:00.
Coventry #367: Sioned Mair Jones 28:32.

23/5/17 Club run llanfachreth

Club runners on the edge of Coed y Brenin near LLanfachreth.

llanfachreth 2017 club run

23/5/17 Great orme, Tuesday night series

Tom Roberts finished 3rd in 32:03.

(Message from webmaster: I am struggling to follow the series this year as the results don't appear for a long time.)

20/5/17 Ras y Gader.

A fantastic turn out for the club at our local race. Sixteen runners took on the challange of running 10.5 miles from the town square in Dolgellau up to the top of Cader Idris and back. About an hour before the race we had torrential rain but by 1pm and the start of the race it was sunny with a light breeze. The wind kept the humidity down, nice weather for a mountain race.
Club times were:

Tristan Evans 1:37:48
Jimmy Carter 1:45:01
Mat Fenwick 1:46:45
Jeremy Randell 1:48:50
Gwion Roberts 1:49:12
Arfon Hughes 2:01:40
Dave Whittey 2:05:31
Steve Lovelock 2:05:45
Steffan Owen 2:05:57
Anneliese Lovelock 2:09:37
Ben Wells 2:12:19
Rob Whittey 2:13:34
Glyn Rowlands 2:16:09
Justin Pilkington 2:16:57
Kevin Evans 2:46:16
Mpho Bogatsu 2:47:33

ras y gader 2017
cader 2017 tristan evans cader 2017 jimmy carter cader 2017 mat fenwick
cader 2017 jeremy randell cader 2017 gwion roberts cader 2017 arfon hughes
cader 2017 dave whittey cader 2017 steve loveluck cader 2017 steffan owen
cader 2017 Annalise loveluck cader 2017 ben wells cader 2017 rob whittey
cader 2017 justin pilkington cader 2017 keving evans cader 2017 mpho bogatsu

14/5/17 Powis Trail 10k.

Jimmy Carter and Elli Downing ran in the the Powis Trail 10k this morning. Jimmy finished in a time of 43:01 for a 7th place finish and 3rd M35.
And Elli finished in 1:12:13.

powis trail 10 ellie dee 2017
powis trail 10 jimmy carter 2017

10/5/17 Ras yr Hafod.

Jimmy Carter ran Ras yr Hafod, the results haven't been posted yet.

9/5/17 Club run.

Evening club run at Coed y Brenin.

cyb club run 2017

7/5/17 Newtown 10k.

Jimmy Carter ran in the Newtown 10k finishing in a time of 38:54 claiming 1st M35.

7/5/17 Ffrith 5k.

Five Club runners travelled to Prestatyn to run in the Ffrith 5k which incorporated the North Wales 5k championship. First home was Gwion Roberts in 18:33; he was followed by Clive Edgington claiming Gold M60 in North wales champ 20:06; Arfon Hughes Bronze M45 NW champs 20:36; Jeff Davies Silver M65 North Wales champs 22:05 and Sheila Symonds Gold F80 NW champs in 50:20.

ffrith 5k 2017

7/5/17 Market drayton 10k.

Tom Roberts finished 4th out of 2500 in a time of 33:40.

market drayton tom roberts 10k

3/5/17 Rhostryfan 10k.

Results from a hilly and hot Rhostryfan 10k
Tom Roberts 1st 34:35 taking the course record by 4seconds.
Gwion Bobo Roberts 10th 41:47
Graeme Stringer 46th 51:58
These mid week races are well worth going to. They are ideal for a bit of speed work training

2/5/17 Club run.

Evening club run at precepice LLanfachreth.

club run llanfachreth 2017
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After one month the news will be transferred into Archive 2017 here.

The North Wales road running championships for 2017 are as follows:
5km: Ffrith, Prestatyn, 7th May 2017.;
5 Miles: Abergele, Sunday 5th November;
10km: Caernarfon, date t.b.c.;
10 Miles, Wrexham, Saturday 29th April;
Half marathon: Village Bakery, Wrexham, Sunday 19th February;
Marathon: Run Wales, Wrexham, Sunday 12th March.

Thursday, Run Coed y Brenin.
Runs commence from the running shop on a Thursday night at 6:30pm.
During the lighter evenings in the spring and summer months the runs go up to 2 hours in length for those that want that little longer mid-week run and visit some of the more technical and challenging routes, oh and we keep the Strava theme in there to help you gauge your progress throughout the year.
During winter runs require a good head torch and kit that is suitable for the weather and conditions. Typically these runs are of around 6 miles, stay to the well defined tracks, and every now and again are hill or speed sessions.
Details here: Here.

Saturday, Dolgellau Parkrun.
Parkrun every Saturday at 9am.
Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.
These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; everone is welcome to come along.
Details here: Here.

Meirionnydd Running Club organised races:
Tarren Hendre on 28 January 2017.
Ras yr Aran on 18 March 2017.
Dolgellau 5 on 29 July 2017.
Rhobell fawr on 4 November 2017.
For further details click: here.

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